What is People, Wetlands, Wildlife?

People, Wetlands, Wildlife (PWW) is a project conducted by INTEM Consulting Inc., an environmental consulting firm located in Tokyo, Japan, with support from the Program to Promote Wildlife Tourism of the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), Japan. The Program’s 3 main goals are:

  • Promotion of world class wildlife-based ecotourism utilizing the rich biodiversity of Japan
  • Promotion of ecotourism conducted with an emphasis on showcasing local people’s efforts to protect ecosystems and wildlife
  • Contribution to the sustainable growth of regional economies through an increase in the number of inbound ecotourists

PWW aims to provide information on Japan’s wildlife, wetlands and biodiversity through an original and innovative website. PWW is conducted in cooperation with Ramsar Center Japan (RCJ), Wetlands International Japan and Meeting of Japanese Municipalities Involved with Wetlands Designated under the Ramsar Convention.